About Us

Duncan Blackett Law is innovative, practical and friendly; it offers a new type of legal service.  In an ever-changing business landscape, Duncan Blackett Law has extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of services.

Our aim is to provide a personalised service by offering you a one-stop-shop for your legal and business solutions. We have a team of highly motivated professionals to manage your business with skill and care, delivering the best results achievable.

Why Choose Us?

Duncan Blackett Law is a regulated practice whose primary goal is to always do the right thing!


We give independent and honest advice.


We are always professional and work within the confines of the law.


We think outside the box without compromising our regulatory and legal expectations.


Our approach is modern and practical, innovative and traditional (as the case may be).


We seek to provide you with the best solution, always.

We are a regulated practice, governed by the Bar Standards Board and answerable to the Bar Council. Our fees are competitive and as a regulated firm, we offer you the protection you need. 


We can provide the following and more.

1.   Exercise Rights of Audience (i.e. appearing as an advocate before a court);
2.   Conduct Litigation (i.e. manage your case through the court process);
3.   Reserved instrument activities (i.e. dealing with the transfer of land or property under specific legal provisions);
4.   Probate Activities (i.e. handling probate matters for clients);
5.   Notarial Activities (i.e. work governed by the Public Notaries Act 1801); and
6.   Administration of Oaths (i.e. taking oaths, swearing affidavits etc).

We are modern, commercial, competitive and transparent in this fast pace 21st Century business environment.